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I am very happy to be able to offer immediate downloads for each of these award-winning projects. These are perfect for family road trips or for introducing your child to a fun-filled and clever educational experience. You have the opportunity to preview any and all songs on CD Baby. Enjoy.


The Alphabet Operetta (cover art) The Alphabet Operetta

Encompassing every letter from A to Z and every musical style from basic blues to smokey '40's jazz, this dense collection of ditties will teach your child something new every time he hears it.

The Alphabet Operetta was a Booklist Editors' Choice and was also selected as one of the year's best children's recordings by Entertainment Weekly

It is the recommended alphabet audio in Best of the Best for Children and is also recommended in Good Music, Brighter Children.

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My Favorite Musical Numbers (cover art) My Favorite Musical Numbers 

This title begins where The Alphabet Operetta left off. Numbers zero through ten are highlighted, each with their own song and personality in the perfect combination of humor, music, and education. Numbers have never been so entertaining until they became My Favorite Musical Numbers. 

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